rebirth of a digital marketing firm

Digital Marketing Firm Revamps; Back, Better, Goal Driven

Hello Dear Distinguished Reader,

If you just stumbled on the post, this is the very first post of this blog on this installation. Yes, this installation. I used to write and publish content on this blog in 2017 when I first purchased the domain.

What a happy day it was. I had everything all planned out from content to images and even videos. But as blogger or writer knows, the enthusiasm of the first page, first line, first paragraph of a book or blog, in this case, is usually overwhelmed.

In the beginning, I created the website for my Digital Marketing business. Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Emmanuel Anyanwu. I am an IT DataCentre Infrastructural Engineer at Galaxy Backbone Limited. Though before that I majored in Mechanical Engineering, however my love for IT and electronics wouldn’t let me continue with spanners and wrenches so I switched careers.

I went further to get trained and certified in Digital Marketing, Web Design, Search Design Optimization, Branding and Photography all thanks to the British Arts Council and my inquisitive mind.

I am also a professional currency trader who loves to read candlesticks and charts, watch business news and manage my cryptocurrency portfolio. I still cringe when I talk about cryptos because I should have been one of the early adopters but I was too business trading stocks and Bitcoin sounded like gibberish.

The web has been my domain for so long and building websites with WordPress, PHP, HTML, and CSS has been my hobby for as long as I can remember. Then social media became the next thing and I went on the learn the ropes of social media marketing and advertising from the best in the business.

From advertising and selling digital products on my very first Blogger site to importing products from abroad and selling with the aid of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I finally decided to start up my own Digital Marketing business to help micro, small and even large businesses to make their mark the internet, increase their brand awareness and convert more leads into returning customers. That was when PrimeThrills 1.0 was created, however, my love for selling online and affiliate marketing made me create a store on this domain. Call it the mini Amazon!

The name PrimeThrills was created to stand out. I created social media accounts and contents for different niches which include Prime Thrills Fitness, PT Food, Prime Thrills Solutions, etc.

It became overwhelming as I didn’t have a team back then to assign certain tasks to. So I went domain became recessive while I started freelancing on Fiverr. Instead of working on my startup, I was busy working on another man’s business where a 20% commission was taken for every gig I completed

The Entrepreneur Mindset never changes…

And I came back with a good team and a reinforced business plan, a no bullsh*t attitude towards work, a Digital Marketing, Huawei, Cisco, ITIL and Business Administration certifications and lots of contents to thrill you.